VR: 3D and 360 movies
from our research

We aim to get massive amounts of data from our fieldwork and experiments. This should allow us to reconstruct behavior in ways that has never been possible before. As a result, from many of our experiments we can extract VR renderings, either 360 (spherical) images like the equiplanar bowriding movie seen above, or 3D data from multiple cameras with stereoscopy/parallax. In addition in most of our experiements we record with multiple hydrophone arrays to be able to perform sound localization.

As of now, there is no extant mechanisms from which we can serve a VR movie directly to a VR platform such as the Vision Pro or the Oculus. We are constrained to serving them as files and you have to go through the annoying intermediate step of downloading to your platform before enjoying them. Please go to the “Images” tab above and select VR content.

As soon as there’s a technically feasible solution we shall most enthusiastically try.