Marcelo Magnasco

  • It’s Dr. Maloney now

    Dr. Brigid Maloney successfully defended her Ph. D. thesis today, jointly between the Magnasco and Jarvis labs. Please join us in congratulating her!

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  • Dolphins provide foraging for seabirds

    Dolphins provide foraging for seabirds

    Coastal dolphins provide foraging opportunities to benthic-feeding seabirds in a tropical seagrass ecosystem. by Eric A. Ramos, Jeremy J. Kiszka, Diana Reiss, and Marcelo O. Magnasco is now out in Behaviour. (Open access is being processed) In marine ecosystems, predators can affect community and ecosystem dynamics through a variety of processes such as foraging facilitation.…

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  • Dolphin Touchpad

    Official Press Release The interdisciplinary team from Rockefeller University and Hunter College is happy to share our touchscreen that has been developed at the National Aquarium with the world. Please click the link below to read the full press release, and enjoy our footage of a young male at the Aquarium interacting with one of…

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