We have known since at least the time of the Greeks that dolphins love to bowride, i.e. to surf the pressure wave formed in front of a vessel underway.

When dolphins join a group that is bowriding, they vocalize. When they leave, they vocalize. As they vie for the hotspot in the center of the pressure wave, they vocalize.

This video was taken in Bimini, the Bahamas, from the Renegade (Cap’n Al Sweeting). An exoskeleton attached to the bow suspends two Kolor Abyss 360 devices carrying 6 Gopro 8’s each, running at 4:3-2K-240fps, and a Zoom F4 device recording from 4 hydrophones (Ambient Recording GmbH) at 192kHz, 24 bit resolution.

The video is rendered post-stitching from the 6 right cameras as an equiplanar projection.